Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Game Recap – Tuesday, July 2 2024

Contestants & Who Won Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Tonight? – 2 July 2024

WinnerOther Contestants
Game 1: Robin Thede
Game 2: Robin Thede
Neil deGrasse Tyson, Tony Hale

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle & Was the Bonus Round Won? – 2 July 2024

Bonus Puzzle (category)Won Bonus Round ($)
Game 1: ALMOST GOT IT (Phrase)
Game 2: WORDS FAIL ME (Phrase)
Game 1: No
Game 2: Yes

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Puzzles – 2 July 2024

Puzzle Solutions
Game 1 $1,000 Toss Up: SHOW ME THE MONEY! (Movie Quote)
Game 1 $2,000 Toss Up: PLANNING MY NEXT MOVE (What Are You Doing?)
Game 1 Round 2: IN A TRAFFIC JAM WITH JON HAMM (Rhyme Time)
Game 1 Triple Toss Up 1: WRITING A GREAT JOKE (Show Biz)
Game 1 Triple Toss Up 2: STANDING ON THE STAGE (Show Biz)
Game 1 Triple Toss Up 3: FLUBBING THE PUNCH LINE (Show Biz)
Game 1 Round 3: DEEP-FRIED PICKLES (Food & Drink)
Game 1 Bonus Puzzle: ALMOST GOT IT (Phrase)

Game 2 $1,000 Toss Up: SUNGLASSES & A BASEBALL HAT (What Are You Wearing?)
Game 2 $2,000 Toss Up: WANDERING AIMLESSLY (What Are You Doing?)
Game 2 Round 1: ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE (80's Song Lyrics)
Game 2 Round 2: WE DON'T TALK ABOUT BRUNO MARS (Before & After)
Game 2 Triple Toss Up 1: INVITED TO THE PARTY (Phrase)
Game 2 Triple Toss Up 2: GOING TO THE PARTY (Phrase)
Game 2 Triple Toss Up 3: LATE TO THE PARTY (Phrase)
Game 2 Round 3: ALL OF MY ADORING FANS (People)

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