Celebrity Wheel of Fortune December 6 2022: Bonus Puzzle Answers, Contestants & Winner

Wheel of Fortune Contestants & Who Won Tonight 6 December 2022

WinnerOther Contestants
Game 1: Jack Black
Game 2: Jack Black
Sasheer Zamata, Kal Penn

Bonus Puzzle & Was the Bonus Round Won? 6 December 2022

Bonus Puzzle (category)Won Bonus Round ($)
Game 1: RED RIBBONS (Things)
Game 2: THROWING SNOWBALLS (What Are You Doing?)
Game 1: No
Game 2: No

Tonight’s Wheel of Fortune Puzzles 6 December 2022

Puzzle Solutions
Game 1 Round 1: HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE (Song Lyrics)
Game 1 Round 2: KEEP THE CHANGE, YOU FILTHY ANIMAL (Movie Quote)
Game 1 Round 3: FLYING AROUND THE WORLD IN A SLEIGH (What Are You Doing?)

Game 2 Round 1: DELUXE FULL-SIZE LED LAMP (Around the House)
Game 2 Round 2: MAYA RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER (Before & After)
Game 2 Round 3: CROCS WITH SOCKS (What Are You Wearing?)

Tonight’s Wheel of Fortune Toss Ups 6 December 2022

Toss Ups
Game 1 $1,000: SANTA’S LITTLE HELPER (Person)
Game 1 $2,000:CAN WE START OVER? (Phrase)
Game 1 Triple #1: FROSTY THE SNOWMAN (Character)
Game 1 Triple #2: THE ELF ON THE SHELF (Character)
Game 1 Triple #3: THE GRINCH (Character)

Game 2 $1,000: HOLIDAY! CELEBRATE! (Song Lyrics)
Game 2 $2,000: ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! (Phrase)
Game 2 Triple #1: MEMORIZING MY LINES (What Are You Doing?)
Game 2 Triple #2: AD-LIBBING (What Are You Doing?)
Game 2 Triple #3: GOING OFF THE RAILS. (What Are You Doing?)

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